BC Transit Prioritizes LRT to Reduce Traffic Volume

Randall Garrison welcomes B.C. Transit’s conclusion that the solution to congestion in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca is light rail.

In a statement released today, BC transit said that based on extensive public consultation and detailed analysis, Light Rail Transit (LRT) has been identified as the preferred technology that will meet the goals and objectives of the Victoria Regional Rapid Transit Project.

“To meet the goals of the public and local government, LRT has been identified as the preferred technology for rapid transit,” said Manuel Achadinha, BC Transit President and CEO.

LRT was found to have the capacity to achieve the project’s goals, deliver the most long?term benefits for the Capital Region and had the highest level of community support.

"This is exactly what the public wants, what New Democrats on the South Island have been working toward, and what our community needs. Now the federal government needs to step up with infrastructure funding so we can get started on this project." says Garrison. "In the meantime we still need to complete the E & N Rail Trial, to promote bike commuting, and, restore the E& N rail bed so that passenger and freight service can be restored on the E & N Railway."