Randall Garrison advocates for practical solutions

National Childcare Plan
New Democrats will provide families with access to quality, affordable child care and early learning. That’s a sound investment in our country’s future.

Stronger Guaranteed Pensions
New Democrats will strengthen the guaranteed Canada Pension Plan and increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement so that every senior can afford the everyday essentials.

Better Health Care
New Democrats will work with the provinces to train and hire more nurses and family doctors. And we’ll take affordable steps to reduce the cost of your prescription drugs.

About Randall Garrison:

- Randall is an Esquimalt City Councillor. He successfully advocated for the living wage and secondary suites for Esquimalt.

- As a member of the CRD Climate Action Committee, he worked to improve bus service to the region.

- Randall is a Criminal Justice Instructor at Camosun College, and has worked for human rights organizations overseas.

You can trust Randall to do what’s right and get things done for you. Get to know him here http://www.randallgarrison.ndp.ca/video/ndp-the-team-you-can-trust

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