GARRISON CALLS FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE GOLDSTREAM RIVER: Bill C-38 Removed Protection From This Valuable Resource

Victoria - In response to concerns from constituents, Randall Garrison (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca) introduced a Private Member’s Bill to restore federal environmental protection to the Goldstream River.  Garrison's bill would add the Goldstream River to Schedule 2 of the Navigable Waters Protection Act in order to protect this significant Vancouver Island river. "The bill is necessary because the Conservatives eliminated environmental protection for all streams, rivers and lakes on Vancouver Island last year in Bill C-38," Garrison noted. 

“It is the Goldstream River where local salmon begin their life and return to spawn," Garrison said. "Thousands of visitors come to Goldstream Park each year and become educated about salmon fisheries and the many wild creatures that rely on salmon for food. Extensive school outdoor education programs take place in the park.”

Goldstream Park is important for a wide range of species in addition to salmon. These include dense spike primrose, pacific waterleaf, garry oak meadows, arbutus, Douglas fir, western yew, hemlock, red alder, big leaf maple, black cottonwood and the list goes on. It is also a home to many wildlife species including black bears, turkey vultures, cougars, deer, beavers, otters, hummingbirds, ducks, gulls and one of Canada’s largest concentrations of bald eagles.

The Goldstream River is one of the most important features of this park, famous for its annual chum salmon spawn run, a conservation area for rockfish and as a home to many more aquatic species, including trout and steelhead. It is the dominant feature of Goldstream Park, which is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.