Layton & Garrison: Leadership You Can Trust On The Environment

Jack Layton was the first to raise an environmental issue in the national leader’s debate and scored more environmental points than any other leader.

Responding to the second debate question about Canada’s role on the world stage, Layton raised the Conservative’s embarrassing record on the environment. Layton pointed out that Mr. Harper hasn’t just lost the confidence of the Canadian Parliament; he’s lost the confidence of the international community, who now question Canada’s commitment to addressing climate change.

The NDP has a history of leading on the environmental issues that Canadians care about. One of their current election commitments is to re-introduce legislation to ensure that Canada meets the long-term target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to a level 80 per cent below that of 1990 by the year 2050. The NDP’s Climate Change Accountability Act was passed by parliament in the last session but the bill was killed by the Conservative dominated Senate.

“It’s time for a government that takes practical steps to tackle climate change and environmental threats,” said Esquimalt Juan de Fuca NDP candidate Randall Garrison after watching the leaders debate. “Locally, catastrophic damage to our coastline from oil spills from tanker traffic, is a top environmental threat that concerns people. I have a strong record of leadership on that issue from Esquimalt Council and I look forward to carrying on that work at the national level.”

Garrison led the Esquimalt Council to become the first municipality in Canada to pass a motion banning tanker traffic on the West Coast in June 2010. Garrison’s motion was forwarded to the Union of BC Municipalities convention in October 2010 where a tanker ban motion was also adopted.

“The tanker ban is a critical issue here,” says Garrison. “People are looking for government action to protect our coast. And they know they can trust me working with Jack Layton to provide that leadership on climate change and key environmental issues.”

For more background information on the Esquimalt Council motion to ban tanker traffic, please contact:
Kim Lear
Communications Coordinator
Randall Garrison, NDP Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
Office (250) 590-7160