New Democrats work to advance women’s equity.

Jack Layton today laid out the NDP plan to advance equality for Canadian women and reverse years of setbacks imposed by Stephen Harper.

“Under Stephen Harper, Canada is going in the wrong direction for women,” said Layton. “He’s cut funding for women’s advocacy. His caucus and party are still divided over a woman’s right to choose. He’s attacked pay equity. And by scrapping the long-form census, Canadians no longer have a clear picture of the state of women’s equality.”

“Canadian women are working harder and harder to balance work and home, but they still make only 70 cents on every dollar earned by men,” said Layton. “That’s not good enough.”

The NDP plan to promote women’s equality includes: reversing Harper’s attack on pay equity, improving EI benefits for parental leave, expanding access to shelters and transition houses, and restoring cuts to women’s programs and organizations.

Layton said he is proud that 40 per cent of NDP candidates in this election are women.

Here in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Randall Garrison's campaign - like so many NDP campaigns across Canada - is fueled by dedicated women who are working for a more progressive Canada.