Randall Garrison's Record on the Environment

Once elected to Esquimalt Council in 2008, Randall Garrison worked quickly to address climate change. Within his first year, Randall spearheaded the Environment Sustainability Fund, enabling and encouraging the municipality to save annually for sustainable initiatives. Randall convinced fellow Councillors to adopt aggressive targets for greenhouse gas reductions.

To achieve the targets, he championed solar hot water at city hall and improvements to public transportation, including new bike lanes and better bus service. He also helped ban bottled water and plastic bags in Esquimalt and advocated for the municipality’s first community garden.

In June 2010, Randall led the Esquimalt Council to become the first municipality in Canada to pass a motion banning tanker traffic on the West Coast.

Randall is an advocate for federal investment to repair E&N train tracks to significantly reduce freight truck and car traffic emissions. He’ll be a strong voice on the environment in Ottawa.