Same-sex marriage is legal, no matter where the couple is from: NDP


JANUARY 12, 2012



Same-sex marriage is legal, no matter where the couple is from: NDP


OTTAWA- New Democrats today decried the Harper government for using divorce cases to try and alter the meaning of marriage in Canada, challenging the Prime Minister’s claim today that his government does not intended to re-open the same sex marriage question. 


“The Minister of Justice has now been twice caught trying to chip away at same sex marriage rights by intervening in court cases to oppose equal marriage,” said Opposition Critic for LGBT Issues Randall Garrison.  “If the Prime Minister is serious about not reopening this issue he will instruct his Minister of Justice to stop trying to roll back the clock on equal marriage.”


Canadians have a right to be concerned about the Conservatives’ position on same sex marriage in Canada as this is the second time the Harper government has intervened in a court cases regarding same sex divorce.  In October, it was an intervention trying to deny legal validity to gay civil partnerships from the UK. 


Today a Lesbian couple, who reside outside of Canada, seeking a divorce were told that the government thinks that they can`t get a divorce because their marriage wouldn’t have been recognized as legal in their home countries.


“It’s a question of human rights. Same-sex marriage is a right in Canada, period. There is no debate to reopen on this issue,” said, Dany Morin (Chicoutimi — Le Fjord) Associate Critic for LGBT Issues. “The federal government recognized gay marriage and can’t remove that right in a roundabout way. Their position is hypocritical and contrary to law.”


 “Actions speak louder than words when we are talking about equal rights,” Garrison argued.  “The Minister of Justice needs to stop intervening in legal cases to oppose equal marriage rights and instead get busy working to protect rights that have been secured in legislation passed by the House of Commons and confirmed by the courts under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”




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