Statement on Repealing Bill C-51 (30-09-2016)

Mr. Speaker, on Monday I introduced my bill to repeal Bill C-51. New Democrats are still saying today what we said from teh beginning: Bill C-51 infringes our civil liberties without doing anything to make us safer.

The Minister of Public Safety now calls Bill C-22 the centrepiece of Liberal national security policy. During the campaign, of course, the Liberal's centerpiece was fixing Bill C-51. What we have in Bill C-22 is a necessary, but flawed review committee, a case of bait and switch plus more consultation.

More cunsultation is cold comfort to Canadians whose rights are under threat, including those engaged in legitimate dissent like First Nations leaders and enviornmentalists or even ordinary citizens who value their privacy.

Mr. Speaker, we all know what works when it comes to combatting terrorism. We need to devote adequate resources to de-radialization and to traditional intelligence and enforcement work. Neither restricting our rights nor collecting so much information on all of us that we lose focus on the real threats will help keep us safe. That's why it's time to repeal C-51.