Time is Running Out to Save the Whales

Randall Garrison tabled Motion 460 to save the 81 remaining South Resident Killer Whales

Victoria - Esquimalt- Juan de Fuca MP Randall Garrison tabled motion M-460 in the House of Commons yesterday containing an Action Plan aimed at saving the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW).  "Clearly we are coming close to the point of no return with the Southern Resident Killer whales when their number has dropped to 81,” Garrison said.  

"SRKW were designated as endangered under the Species at Risk Act in 2003 and a recovery plan identifying threats to their survival has been produced," Garrison noted.  "Yet in the ten years since listing these orcas as endangered the government has failed to produce and implement an action plan to ensure their survival, despite clearly being required to do so by law."

"Over the past 10 months I have been meeting with local stakeholders and research scientists to come up with an action plan," Garrison said.  "I believe the action plan I proposed in the House of Commons yesterday has broad scientific, stakeholder, and public support.  It is time to act to save these iconic animals which not only inspire us with their majestic beauty but also play a key role in our ecosystem and drive key sectors of our local economy," Garrison concluded.

Garrison's action plan calls for restoring federal government support for SRKW research and monitoring programs, implementing programs to decrease chemical pollution in the Salish Sea, taking measures to reduce noise levels and other disturbances, improving Chinook enhancement practices and improving measures to increase survival rates of Chinook stocks as Chinook are the major food source for SRKW.

Garrison was joined at the press conference in Victoria today by representatives of Cetus Research and Conservation Society, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, City of Victoria Councillor Marianne Alto, and received letter of support from the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition.

To help save the remaing Southern Resident Killer Whales, download the attached poster and commit to 10 simple steps for the health of our ecosystem.