Mr. Speaker, Today we are hearing many moving statements on Remembrance Day, but this afternoon I rise to mark another day of remembrance, the Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20th.   People in communities across Canada and around the world will be remembering victims of transphobic violence and re-dedicating themselves to working to end discrimination against transgender and gender variant people. 

Last year there were 317 reported murders of Trans people and many more were victims of violence and discrimination. This number includes the murder of Sisi Thibert in Montreal on September 19th and, despite hopeful signs that came this week with the election of seven transgender people to public office in the US, there still have been 23 murders of transgender Americans so far this year.     

On this Trans Day of Remembrance we in Canada can point to the adoption of Bill C-16 which guarantees the same rights and protections in law, that all other Canadians already enjoy.  But it is clear that much more remains to be done to build a more inclusive Canada where transgender and gender variant Canadians can participate fully, on an equal basis and without fear.