NDP plans to reward job creators

In Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, the major employers include the base, the hospital and a growing variety of small and medium business. While the Conservatives court big business with year after year of corporate tax cuts, New Democrats are working on economic stimulus that support the kinds of employers that fuel our local economy. As your Member of Parliament, Randall Garrison will be strong voice in Ottawa for the kind of economic stimulus that our community needs.

The NDP has a job creation plan focused on targeted, affordable investments in small businesses and Canadian job creators.

Jack Layton’s plan will:

* Drop the small business tax rate from 11% to 9% - a 2 percentage point tax break that will help create jobs.
* Create a Job Creation Tax Credit for employers of up to $4,500 per new hire.
* Extend the Accelerated Capital Costs Allowance for the next four years.
* Restore the current Corporate Income Tax rate to 2008 levels and ensure Canada’s corporate tax rate always remains below the tax rate in the USA.

This plan will give small businesses a break and provide incentives to companies investing in job creation at home.

“Blind, across-the-board corporate tax giveaways are not a job creation plan. After 10 consecutive corporate tax cuts, Mr. Harper’s strategy has resulted in layoffs, jobs moving overseas and full-time work replaced with part-time work,” said Layton. “Our plan will reward businesses that create jobs in our communities.”

Jack also has a plan to hire 1200 doctors, and 6,000 nurses.

Layton slammed Stephen Harper’s inaction on health care. “Stephen Harper has failed to deliver on his wait time commitments,” Layton said. “He’s failed to address hospital overcrowding. His only plan is to hire 100 more doctors. That’s one for every 50,000 Canadians going without.”

With critical health care negotiations to take place after the next election, vote New Democrats to strengthen health care and hire more health care providers now.