OTTAWA, ON – MP Randall Garrison (Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke) took the cases of three national defence civilian employees facing particularly egregious Phoenix pay issues directly to the House of Commons.

“In November in committee, the Minister of Defence promised to look at Phoenix pay issues from three DND civilian employees and fix them before Christmas,” said MP Garrison during Question Period. “They came to Ottawa to represent more than a thousand federal employees in my riding alone with serious pay issues.”

Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan’s Nov 29, 2017 direct promise: 

“Two months later, the three who received the Minister’s personal assurances hadn’t even been contacted, let alone had their pay problems fixed,” said MP Garrison before asking directly “when will the Minister take action to make sure that all of his employees are properly paid so they can get on with their work, which is so important to the defence of Canada.” 

The Minister of Defence did not answer MP Garrison’s question, instead leaving the Minister of Public Services and Procurement to give the same answer that the Liberal Government has been giving for two years, while the pay problems only worsen. Despite her government’s track-record of inaction on the Phoenix pay system, the Minister of Public Services promised that her government was doing all they could, and that she would look into the three specific cases originally raised by MP Garrison late last November “immediately”.

MP Garrison’s Jan 29, 2018 question to the Minister: 


The Phoenix pay system fiasco has forced thousands of Canadians to max-out their credit cards, dip into retirement savings, or incur late fees because they are waiting on their hard-earned paycheques. The Phoenix Pay System was supposed to save Canadian tax payers $70 million a year, but will very likely end up costing at least $1 billion.