Canada's NDP


December 12th, 2022

Canadian renters can apply for an extra $500 to help them pay their rent thanks to New Democrats

OTTAWA — On Monday, eligible Canadian renters can apply for $500 through the Canada Housing Benefit (CHB) program to help them cover the cost of their rent thanks to New Democrats who pushed the government to provide this support in their Supply and Confidence Agreement.

According to a report released by for November, the average rent in Canada climbed nearly 12 per cent year over year to almost $2000 per month.

“Canadians are having a hard time making ends meet as the cost of rent and food rises. They’re doing everything right but they feel like they just can’t get ahead,” said Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “Instead of standing by while people fall further behind, New Democrats used our power in parliament to get more money for renters. There is more needs to be done to support Canadians with their rising costs, but this money will help give people who need it a little breathing room.”

The money secured by the NDP provides a one-time tax-free payment of $500 to low-income renters. The benefit will help almost 2 million Canadians.

“People all over the country are telling me that they’re stressed about rent increases. They’re worried about keeping a roof over their heads,” said Singh. “When times get tough, it shouldn’t be Canadians who are paying the cost for inflation while the ultra-rich get even richer. New Democrats fought for this important support for people, and we’re going to keep pushing for more help for you and your family.”