Canada's NDP


December 14th, 2022

Every day during the fall sitting, New Democrats fought for working families

“This Fall, families felt like they were doing everything right – working hard – and still couldn’t keep up. They’re struggling to make ends meet while billionaires and corporations are making record profits. And how did this happen? Consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments have left families to fend for themselves while looking out for the interests of the wealthy and well-connected.

After 7 years in power, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have stopped working for you and your family. It’s been clear throughout this sitting: despite saying all the right things, without New Democrats forcing them to act, the Liberals were never going to deliver the help families need to get by and get ahead.

And Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives don’t fight for you and your family. They haven’t done anything about corporate greed driving high grocery and gas prices. And they don’t believe you deserve the respect of better wages and better working conditions. Canadians can’t afford to keep waiting for Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre to get it and put them first.

Every day this sitting, we used our power and every tool we had to fight for you. And we are going to keep fighting everyday against the corporate greed that is driving your rising grocery and gas prices. We are going to fight so you get the respect you deserve with good wages and better working conditions.

We are focused on making rich CEOs pay what they owe so we can lower your costs and deliver on the things you need. More than ever, people need a team that knows what they are going through and will fight every day to make their lives better and more affordable. And New Democrats will keep doing just that.”