Canada's NDP


September 7th, 2022

Jagmeet Singh: Canadian families need help instead of excuses from the Liberal government

HALIFAX – The Leader of Canada’s NDP Jagmeet Singh was in Halifax this morning for the NDP caucus retreat, reiterating the need to help Canadian families struggling with the high cost of living and the rise of inflation. The Liberal government has stood by for months, failing to provide any help to everyday people, while food prices, gas and housing costs have soared and big box stores make massive profits. That needs to change.

“This summer, I've been travelling across the country and people are worried. People are telling me that they feel like they’ve done everything right, but they’re still falling behind,” said Singh. “I've been there too. I know what it feels like. That’s why I decided to go into politics, to make life better for people. The Liberal government has refused to do anything to help and Canadians are having to turn to their credit cards. And with the interest rate increasing yet again today, people are going to be more in debt. It doesn’t have to be this way. People deserve better and that’s what New Democrats are fighting to deliver.”

Right now, many countries are announcing inflation relief packages to help put money back in people's pockets and make sure that the very rich profiteering from the crisis pay what they owe. But here in Canada, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal team have not done anything to help people. They are too busy explaining that inflation is not their fault and finding excuses instead of showing leadership and coming up with solutions to have Canadian workers’ and their families' backs.

“Working people didn’t cause inflation but they are the ones paying the price,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau didn’t look for excuses when it was time to help big oil corporations—he was ready to move mountains. The Liberals and Conservatives continue to show that they don’t fight for you and your family. They're siding with rich CEOs by refusing to propose to do anything about corporate greed driving high grocery and gas prices. For months, New Democrats have been calling for the government to help people by doubling the GST tax credit, increasing the Canada Child Benefit by $500, providing $500 in rent support through the Canada Housing Benefit and getting families the help they need to take their children to the dentist.”