Canada's NDP


December 9th, 2022

Jagmeet Singh recommits to fighting for workers amid high cost of living

In a meeting with Unifor President, Lana Payne, Canada’s NDP Leader made it clear that while Liberals and Conservatives side with big bosses, New Democrats stand with working families.

“It’s a really tough time for working people across the country and the soaring cost of living is making things worse. With inflation and interests’ rates sky-high, and a looming recession, it’s clear that now is the time to stand with working families and give them respect with better wages and better working conditions. But under the system created by Liberals and Conservatives, workers are always paying the price of a crisis, while greedy CEOs make even more money off their backs.

Workers are the backbone of our country. Literally nothing in our society would run without workers. And yet, workers are not seeing wage increases or the respect they deserve while corporate profits are off the charts. The Liberals and the Bank of Canada even tried to blame inflation on wages, when we know wages haven't come close to keeping up with the rise of inflation, while corporate profits have risen three times faster than wages since 2019.

So many working families across the country are angry because they feel like they are doing everything right but keep falling further behind. They see clear evidence of “profit-driven inflation” or “greedflation” and Justin Trudeau doing nothing about it. And they know Pierre Poilievre will make it even worse.

Now more than ever, Canadian workers need results. They need someone that will show up for them. New Democrats have always stood shoulder to shoulder with working people. For us, it’s part of our DNA. It’s not something we put on when it’s convenient and then ignore when the rich and powerful come knocking like the Liberals – or the Conservatives. Workers and unions everywhere in the country are rising and the NDP is here to join the fight. New Democrats are committed to keep fighting for working families.

It’s time to deliver results for working people. It's time to give more power to workers. It's time to give workers the respect they deserve in Canada."