Canada's NDP


August 25th, 2022

As Liberals abandon workers, New Democrats continue to fight for increased EI

NDP Labour Deputy Critic Matthew Green and NDP Finance Critic Daniel Blaikie made the following statement:

“Canadians are struggling with the rising cost of living, people are still recovering from the pandemic and the Liberal government is rushing to break the Employment Insurance (EI) system that workers need to get by all over again.

On September 24th, the EI system will revert to its broken, pre-pandemic status quo, making it harder to access EI for workers that have dutifully paid their premiums. These changes will disproportionately harm women, racialized workers, and others in precarious working conditions.

The Liberal government is failing these workers, who have sacrificed so much over the last two years and now are hit with sky-rocketing cost of food, gas for their cars, and housing. The pandemic is not over yet, people continue to get sick, manage long COVID and experience job losses. Canadians continue to do their part throughout the pandemic and need a government that does theirs.

Big business benefit from stringent EI requirements at the cost of precarious workers. By refusing to permanently adopt an EI program that actually delivers help for workers who need it, the Liberal government continues to protect the profits of large corporations and allow their exploitative labour practices. While the Liberal government dilly dallies on fixing tax loopholes, they are wasting no time in going after hard-working Canadians in a tight spot.

As the Liberal government chooses big business over everyday people, New Democrats will fight for increased EI benefits for every worker, regardless of their employment. We will always stand up to large corporations and ensure no worker is left behind.”