Canada's NDP


December 3rd, 2022

NDP statement on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

NDP Critic for Disability Inclusion, Bonita Zarrillo, issued the following statement:

“On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we are reminded that we must urgently act to lift Canadians living with a disability out of poverty in this country.

For decades, the disability community has had to advocate tirelessly to defend their basic human rights. Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have not done enough to remove discriminatory barriers while allowing Canadians with disabilities to fall further into poverty.

Canada aspires to be a world leader in the eradication of poverty but, when it comes to supporting those living with disabilities, the federal government has a long way to go. The Canada Disability Benefit that the government has finally introduced legislation to implement, is a chance to make that a reality for Canadians living with a disability.

New Democrats will continue to fight to improve the Canada Disability Benefit by calling for an adequate income so people living with a disability can afford food, rent, medicine and other basic necessities.

Today, New Democrats recommit to being a loyal ally to people living with a disability. We will continue to push the Liberals to act urgently to address the barriers faced by people living with a disability as they deserve justice.”