Canada's NDP


June 19th, 2023

NDP tables recommendations from the trans community calling on Liberals to improve gender-affirming care and public safety

OTTAWA – On Monday, NDP 2SLGBTQI+ Rights Critic Randall Garrison called on Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to listen to Canada’s trans community to build safer, healthier, and more inclusive services.

Garrison is releasing a report that includes 29 comprehensive recommendations to move trans rights forward, which includes increasing funding for supporting and creating trans and gender-diverse organizations, making comprehensive gender-affirming health care a reality across Canada, and working with the community on combating anti-trans hate and violence.

“Trans people in Canada have so much to offer; they’re a key part of our community. Yet, the reality is that trans folks face an uphill battle in getting gender-affirming health services or finding organizations and a community that understands their experiences. They are also far more likely to experience violence,” said Garrison. “The government has a role to play in changing this norm and protecting trans people, especially those who are at a higher risk of discrimination and violence.”

In the last five years, 39 per cent of trans Canadians have reported experiencing violence – and this number is likely even higher as many trans people feel unsafe reporting violence. And more than half of trans people with a family doctor in Canada say they have unmet health needs.

But the Liberals have been slow to address these health and safety gaps, and the Conservatives before them ignored the 2SLGBTQI+ community entirely.

In 2017, Garrison worked with MPs from other parties to enshrine trans rights into human rights legislation. We can work across party lines again to make these recommendations a reality and move trans rights forward.

“Across the country, people are celebrating the start of Pride season right now. What we’ve proposed here is a concrete path forward for the government to put real action behind their positive statements about upholding trans rights,” said Garrison. “After decades of leaving 2SLGBTQI+ people to suffer in silence, changes are long overdue. I’m glad to have worked alongside some fantastic trans activists in making these critical recommendations, and I urge the Liberals and the Prime Minister to act on them immediately. The NDP won’t stop fighting for better funding, healthcare, and safety for trans people.”

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