Canada's NDP


July 21st, 2022

NDP urges the Liberals to stop punishing hardworking families

NDP Families, Children and Social Development Critic Leah Gazan made the following statement:

“People have been struggling to pay their bills and support their families as costs continue to skyrocket. Now Canadians are taking another hit to their budgets — clawbacks on the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) by over $600 per family.

By clawing back the support these families count on, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are punishing people who lost their jobs during a global pandemic. This is beyond inappropriate. Families rely on the CCB to help them make ends meet and cover the growing cost of their mortgages, groceries and gas for their cars. These clawbacks will be devastating, particularly for mothers with multiple children who will see the largest reductions.

People need help right now. But instead of being there for families, the Liberals keep choosing to make things harder for them while supporting ultra-rich companies. Huge grocery chains, oil and gas companies and big box stores are making a fortune off of hardworking people by taking advantage of global crises to justify sky-high prices. The Liberals aren't taking action to address this corporate greed or make the ultra-rich pay their fair share. If that wasn't bad enough – the federal government is actively making cuts to families’ funds.

Forcing families to shoulder the burden of increasing prices alone while cutting their income is irresponsible and wrong. New Democrats know that in hard times our government should be helping people, not protecting the profits of the rich. That’s why we’ve been urging the Liberals to make big oil and gas companies and grocery chains pay their fair share and to redistribute this money to Canadian families.

New Democrats will fight for you and your family by pushing the government to stop the clawback and add $500 to every Canada Child Benefit to get more money in people's pockets.”