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I want to hear what Canadians, young and old, think of the government’s intention to back down on support to our poorest citizens. 

It is the NDP’s position that The OAS-GIS is easily sustainable and in the long run, is actually projected to decrease in cost, relative to the size of the economy.  My colleagues and I have called on the Harper government to take practical, affordable measures to lift every senior out of poverty, by expanding the GIS – not make it worse by slashing Old Age Security.  The NDP’s plan to ensure retirement security for Canadians by expanding the CPP is affordable and responsible.  A modest increase in premiums over a period of time can finance a doubling of CPP benefits for all Canadian workers.  This would provide real, sustainable, retirement security for those who retire.

The government’s own 2011 Actuarial Report indicates that the OAS will account for 2.37% of GDP in 2011, 3.16% in 2030, but then fall below today’s level to 2.35% in 2060.  Therefore, in the long run, the current system is clearly affordable and will be a smaller share of the budget than it is today. In the medium run, this is an increase in cost that we can easily afford.

Tell the government to stop its proposed changes to OAS! Sign and circulate the petitions found below:  

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