Question on RCMP Sexual Harassment


Mr. Randall Garrison (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca, NDP): Mr. Speaker, week after week, there are more and more revelations about sexual harassment in the RCMP.

    Despite the fact that federal ministers have a clear responsibility to show leadership to address this very real problem, successive governments have turned a blind eye. The current Minister of Public Safety is reluctant to even use the words “sexual harassment” when asked about this in the House.

    So many Conservative crime bills, but nothing concrete to address the epidemic of sexual harassment in our own national police force.

    Unfortunately, Canadians are rapidly losing faith in the RCMP as the clock ticks.

    So, what is the minister's plan?

    Hon. Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I think that I have indicated in this House a number of times that I am extremely concerned about the troubling reports of sexual harassment in the RCMP.

    There are a number of measures that the RCMP are taking; the commissioner, specifically. I am very supportive of the initiatives that the new commissioner is taking.

    In addition, we will be looking at the legislation that deals with issues of discipline. I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed through the legislature. I hope, for once, I can count on that member's support when it comes to that type of legislation.