“4.5 million Canadians put their trust in the NDP to fix Ottawa. And that’s just what we’ll do”


OTTAWA – As the fall sitting of Parliament ends, New Democrat Leader Nycole Turmel highlighted the many accomplishments of New Democrats in what was a historic year for all Canadians.

 “Quite simply, 2011 is the year that Canadians changed Ottawa – forever,” said Turmel.

 “On May 2, four and a half million Canadians took a good look at Ottawa.  And they didn’t like what they saw. The ongoing scandals; the divisive politics; and just how little was being done to help Canadian families. They said Ottawa was broken. And they put their trust in New Democrats to fix it.”

 Turmel says her New Democrat team has already delivered on that promise of change, with record numbers of women and young leaders in Parliament.  By setting a new tone in Parliament and for the first time in decades, uniting progressive Canadians from every corner of the country – including Quebecers.

 “But perhaps the biggest change has only been seen more recently,” noted Turmel. “For the first time, as we move towards the next election, Canadians now have a clear choice in direction for our country.”

 She slammed the Conservatives for consistently putting well-connected insiders first, and for failing to act on the issues that matter to Canadian families:  job creation, health care, pensions, and lifting First Nations communities out of poverty.  Canadians are now seeing a clear choice with a New Democrat team that will ensure families come first and nobody is left behind.

 “They also have a clear choice on the caliber of the team they want fighting for them,” said Turmel. “Six years into government, Stephen Harper’s team remains an embarrassment.  I will put my front benches up against this crew any day.  Our united team is matched only by the caliber of the candidates from across the country running for leader.”

 Going into 2012, Turmel says her team remains as committed as ever to carrying out Jack Layton’s dream for a better Canada.

 “The outpouring we saw upon his passing showed us something we all knew. The values Jack Layton held dear are Canadian values.  He had a dream for a Canada built on hope, optimism, perseverance and the rock solid belief that by working together, there is no challenge we cannot overcome.  That’s a truly Canadian dream.” said Turmel.

“New Democrats will always carry on Jack Layton’s legacy.  By working together.  By defeating Stephen Harper.  And by forming a New Democrat government that will always put Canadian families - not well-connected insiders - first.”