NDP has a Made-In-Canada Defence Plan

Today, Randall Garrison stood proudly with New Democrat leader Jack Layton as he announced his plan to ensure Canada’s armed forces have the tools they need for their primary mission: defending Canada and Canadians.

Watch part of the announcement here http://ow.ly/4yBVC

“We need a made-in-Canada defence plan that ensures our defence procurement needs match our domestic security and foreign policy objectives,” Layton said.

The NDP is committed to maintaining the level of defence spending from Budget 2011, but argues that defence spending needs to be realigned to meet Canada's defence priorities.

Within the first year, Layton will table a Defence White Paper in Parliament that would refocus the Canadian Forces on its three primary roles:

- Defending Canada and protecting Canadians.
- Assisting people when disaster strikes, at home or abroad.
- Supporting peacekeeping and peacebuilding around the world.

Layton’s plan will focus procurement priorities on the immediate needs of Canada’s naval forces.

“For five years Stephen Harper has failed to procure the ships we need to patrol the world’s longest shoreline. Canada’s supply ships have reached the end of their operational lives. Instead of focusing on F-35 fighter jets, I’ll get the job done when it comes to building Joint Support Ships for our naval forces.”

By focusing on a dependable policy of domestic procurement, the NDPs plan will also give a boost to Canada’s troubled shipbuilding industry. “Our plan will help Canadian shipyards eliminate the boom and bust cycles, provide stable employment, and keep expertise in Canada,” Layton said.