Reforming the Canada Pension Plan: a Young Person's Issue

At the end of the day in this riding, after young families have met the high costs of childcare and housing, and are trying to put something away for their kids education, many families find they have nothing left to plan for the future.

That's why Jack Layton and the New Democrats have been working to reform the Canada Pension Plan, to make sure there is a secure retirement in everyone's future.

* We will work with the provinces to bring about increases to your Canada Pension Plan benefit, with the eventual goal to double the benefits you receive;

* We will work with the provinces to build-in the flexibility for you and your employer to make voluntary contributions to your individual public pension account;

* We will amend federal bankruptcy legislation to move pensioners and long-term disability recipients to the front of the line of creditors when their employers enter court protection or declare bankruptcy;

* We will increase the annual Guaranteed Income Supplement to a sufficient level in the first budget to lift every senior in Canada out of poverty immediately.

You can count on Randall Garrison and Jack Layton's NDP team to work hard in Ottawa to protect your pensions, and your future.